My Short Stories

Here you will find a sample story and the summaries to all the short stories I plan to publish individually. Underneath you will find information about my forthcoming book of short stories, “The Stories I Want To Tell…”


GOODBYE; Original version

She watched him as he was about to board his plane; he was grave and quiet. He picked up his suitcase and put it with the rest as he slowly looked around then picked up his briefcase. She couldn’t believe how calm he was; he didn’t look as though he cared about anything. If a man were that unfeeling, she’d seen the last of the good species a long while ago.

His jacket made a circle around the back of his pants and the back of his jacket looked like he had a hunch on his back because of the wind. His pants were pushed back against him as if they were being stretched. His hair had that cute tussled up look as if he’d just woke up. She didn’t come to him but he acknowledged her presence as he turned around to his right slightly and looked into her eyes which were almost invisible since she was in the shadows.

The sun beamed on his face and his features were so laminated that his face got a white-lighted glow about it as they locked eyes. Everything was in slow motion, and it seemed hard to interpret him going home to his wife and kids. He had belonged to her only hours before…He motioned goodbye and she stepped into the light as he smiled and boarded.

In her hand she held a piece of paper; which was folded in fours. Inside it she wrote to him her pledge of love. She wanted to give it to him so that he would know she didn’t just want to be a mistress but a lover; which had a big difference in her eyes. She could partially see his dark shadowy figure as he sat in his seat. He pressed his cheek against the window as the sun again gave his face a shiny glow.

She slowly moved her left foot, then her right, and then left again till they made a shuffle toward the plane. He then got up.

“How long until take off?” He asked the stewardess.

“Five minutes, sir.” Replied the stewardess.

He then exited the plane and came slowly towards her. She was afraid he wanted nothing more to do with her.

However, her love smiled and she smiled as well. She wanted to say something but her mind went blank. She frantically tried to regain her thoughts as her eyes darted from his smile to her surroundings. She suddenly felt dirty and embarrassed.

“Are you okay?” He asked her. “What are you thinking?”

“Yes, I’m okay.” She replied plainly.

Her eyes told another emotion. He did not want her to feel as though this was just an empty affair. He felt things for her that he didn’t feel when with his wife.

She comforted him, she spoke to him like he was a man, she did things for him, they shared the same dreams and passions, and making love with her was like nothing he’d ever experienced before. However, inside she felt like an outsider. She felt she wanted to be a part of a life that didn’t belong to her.

“Do you want me to stay another night?” He offered. He really did not want to go anyway.

“No, no…” She started before hesitating. “You have to go home with Claire and your kids. They’ll know something is wrong if you don’t.”

He felt like a horrible man when she said that. He loved her, but he promised himself to his wife Claire – and gave her 2 two children. What if things ended between he and Claire and his children learned about his affair? What kind of role model would he be for his children? What does she really think of him sleeping with her and not his wife?

“That’s it, I’m leaving Claire and the kids to stay here with you!” He announced. He started to go get his things and just forget about his family.

“Don’t you dare!” She shouted to him, stopping him dead in his tracks. “You can’t do that to them! Things will work out when the time is right. You have to go.”

He re-approached her with a look on his face that said he was let down but he knew he had to go. Her smile returned as she watched him; his hand gliding through his hair like a comb. She remembered the letter and slipped it to him as he smiled like a prince – assuming what it was. The stewardess stuck her head from her door.

“Sir, the plane’s taking off any minute! You need to come back!” The

stewardess said to them.

She stood there staring at the stewardess as if what she said didn’t register, or maybe it did but she was forcing it out. He then kissed her cheek and quickly rushed back onto the plane and to his seat.

The engine and the propellers made a loud roaring sound as she screamed and almost tripped over herself. She went back to the corner she was in and then searched for her lover’s face. She found it as the plane began to roll forward and his hand moved from left to right in a wave as she did the same.

Smoke rolled all over the runway as she waved her hand in front of her face so the smoke in front of her could find another lung to infest. A plain gold ring on her pinky finger caught her eyes and she decided the smoke would go away on it’s own. He gave her the ring the night before as a token of his love, although at times she didn’t believe it.

There were so many things she wanted to tell him then but his plane was high in the clouds and she was stuck on the ground. Looking at her watch, she hoped the parking meter was still going. She couldn’t afford more debt like that last ticket. The ring flashed a yellowish gold every time its surface came in contact with the sun. She chuckled and realized she could always call him in a couple of hours and reassure herself.

*This short story was originally a freewrite I was doing in 10th grade cause I was bored. It became something I was really proud of after some editing. The revised April 2011 version will be the published copy.



*My Best Friend is a contemporary erotic romance about two friends who decide to take their ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement back to the relationship they had before.  It was written in 2008.



*Interracial is an urban erotic lesbian romance about an African American female who falls in love with a Caucasian female.  It was written in 2008.



*Juliet and Juliet is a tragic erotic lesbian romance about a girl who finds herself in love with another girl – only to loose her to the homophobic hate of the world they live in. It was written in 2010.



*Have your cake…and eat it too! is a bisexual erotic romance about a lesbian couple who opens their relationship to a male lover. It was written in 2011.



*Her Majesty is a tragic bisexual erotic piece about a bisexual princess balancing the responsibilities of her kingdom and her duties to her husband while still maintaining the secret lesbian affairs she’s had all her life. It was written from 2012 to 2013.


~~~ANNOUNCING, “The Stories I Want To Tell” An Erotic Short Fiction collection project!~~~

12 Erotic Short Stories will be featured in this collection; broken up into 5 categories:

1. The Beginning; Goodbye-Revised, I would die for you, and Love Conquers All

2. Ebony; Her First Lesbian Experience 1&2, Interracial, and Curiousity fulfills the Cat

3. Tragedies – Juliet & Juliet and Her Majesty

4. HEA – My Best Friend and Have your cake…and eat it too!

5. ! Wild ! – Dildo and The Coffeehouse

Publish date for this anthology is currently TBD, but stay tuned for more developments in this project.


 You can find out the titles and premises of these and all my other stories on Youtube under my Literary Video Blogs 5a, b, and c.


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