My Magazine Clips


*I published an article in Cuyahoga Community College’s “Mosaic” newspaper in September 2002.

*I have 9 clips in Cuyahoga Community College’s “The Voice”; 1 in September 2002, 2 in September 2004, 1 in October 2004, 1 in December 2004, 1 in May 2005, 2 in May 2010, and 1 in September 2010.

*I published 5 clips in Cleveland State University’s “The Vindicator” magazine; 1 in November 2014, 1 in February 2015, 1 in March 2015, 1 in September 2015, and 1 in November 2015.

*I have 5 clips in “The Gay People’s Chronicle”; 1 in September 2005, 1 in January 2008, 1 in May 2008, 1 in June 2012, 1 in June 2013, and 1 in June 2014.

*I have 2 clips in “The Letter”; 1 in September 2007, and 1 in August 2008.

*I have 2 clips in “Bi Women; Boston’s Bi Women’s Newsletter”; 1 in September 2007, and 1 in September 2010.

*I have one clip in “The Fence; Canada’s Bi Women magazine”; March 2010.


*”My Happy Ending.” A short short story about my Poly dream configurement.

*”Lesbian or Straight; whose side do I choose?” : How I pick a side clip.

*”My Blue Streak” : Partnering with Men clip.

*”A New Term” : Creating a new term for myself between Straight and Lesbian to replace the word Bisexual clip.


*None at this time.


*A clip about the importance of Bisexuality to the rest of the LGT communities that was for the 2015 Pride Issue of Gay People’s Chronicle.


*Clips about living with Crohn’s Disease on my Crohn’s Disease blog

*Clips about various issues that arise while working with children on my day-job work blog

*The Vindicator Clips:

* Clips:

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