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Who I am:I am a 37 year old Poet, Erotic Short Story Writer, Online Magazine Editor, and Journalist from Cleveland, Ohio.I was born on the east side of Cleveland; February 1981. I went to Cleveland School of the Arts and majored in Drama for 5 years then Creative Writing for 4 years. After graduation, I entered college and learned a great deal more than I ever would have in highschool. I learned about friendship, sacrifices, and came to grips with the truth about my sexuality.The Bword Poet is the pseudonyme I invented for myself back when I was reading my poetry onstage. The B Word is Bisexual. I came out in 1999, so I’m not comfortable with people who disrespect me because of this fact about me. Being Bisexual isn’t ALL that I am, but you can’t know me and truly appreciate my literary works until you accept my experiences.

Currently I’ve been publishing more clips, working on my 3rd poetry collection, getting ready to submit my poetry collections and short stories for publishing, continuing to write my debut short story collection, AND slowly but steadily moving to achieve my goal of turning my Erotic EZine into a profitable entrepreneurial venture.

I’ll definitely be adding and updating EVERY PIECE OF INFORMATION within this site as often as I can. I want to make sure my viewers can navigate through this site better.

Check everything out! 12/9/18

What we saw

I can taste the blonde in her hair

speak orange to the warning of her lips

smell yellow from her environment

she didn’t notice me listening to the red around her heart

But I saw the halo of purple all around us

her feet shifted with the quickness of white

and I felt the brown in her touch

though metaphorically speaking, she may have meant to make me feel pink

The blue crept into her eyes

and I tried to return a matching red but only green emerged

she could tell I was struggling

so we both opted for black



Anthologies I’ve contributed to:
International Library of Poetry’s 1998 Showcase Edition; International Library of Poetry’s 2003 Colors of Life anthology; Cleveland State University’s The Vindicator student magazine; Cuyahoga Community College’s 2011 BreakWall Literary Journal; and Lakewood Public Library’s 2013 Symbolic Poetry Anthology, Poems and Problems.

Media outlets that I currently write for:
TheOdysseyOnline, Cleveland State University’s Vindicator magazine, and Bi Women Newsletter

Services I offer to other writers:
Since 2007 I have run an Online Erotic Magazine called Vanillerotica. I publish Erotic poetry, Erotic short stories, interviews with Erotica authors; interviews with Erotic Publishers  and Agents, Erotica and Romance Conferences listings, plus an annual Erotic poetry competition. The EZine is located at

Associations I endorse:
Bisexual Writers Association, Erotic Author’s Association, Erotic Readers and Writers Association, Romance Writers of America, Lambda Literary

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