My “Daily Heat”

(Rated VE for Very Erotic Content.

This page contains adult material. If you are under 19 years of age, please go. If you are over 19, read on; but be warned; this page contains fiction that depicts explicit Heterosexual, Lesbian, and Bisexual sexual behaviors. BE FOREWARNED.)


Believe it or not, I’m actually an EXTREMELY shy person. But as a Bi female, its hard to keep my imagination in check when I see someone astecthically pleasing on a bus, the train, or anywhere out and about in the city.

That’s what these VERY short stories are about. Men and women I see on a bus or a train or walking or at work or at school – anywhere really; and fantasize about brazenly approaching them.

Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰


***April 19th 2012; 2:15pm: Hot white guy with low buzz cut and a white t-shirt gets on the rapid and looks at me before sitting down.***

It sucks that I was on my way to work; because this guy was REALLY good-looking – and having him inside me was all I had on the brain the moment I saw him. Maybe I can still have him later on tonight. I smile at him and he smiles back. I’m in. He wasn’t sitting that far from me so I got up and sat in the pair of seats behind him.
“Hey.” He replies as he turns all the way around towards me.
“Going my way?”
He laughs. “Depends on where your going.”
“What if I said I was going back to my apartment?”
He looks at me for a moment and leans forward. When he spoke, it was softer than before. “And you’d just invite me back to your place?”
“Why not?”
“Your pretty brazen aren’t you?”
“I see something I like so I decided to go for it.”
He nods very thoughtfully and hmphs slightly.
“Actually, I’m on my way to work right now. Can I call you when I get out of work?”
“What time are you off?”
After we exchange numbers he gives me a sly smile.
“So what exactly are we gonna be doing at your house?”
This time I laughed. “What do you think we’ll be doing cowboy?”
He lowers his voice to a whisper again. “Should I bring anything?”
I look at his body and pretty much assume he’s packing an impressive cock down there. “How about some whipped cream?” I see the reaction from my statement evidenced in his pants. My smile is wide. He’s got to be at LEAST 8 inches.
“Unless you prefer peanut butter. I keep tons of that anyway.”
He leans his arm on the seat. “Why not both?”
“I’m game.” I get off the rapid and go to work – but can hardly concentrate. What warm-blooded female could concentrate on her job with the promise of a delicious 8 inch cock in her mouth and pussy just hours away??

***April 30th 2012; 10:10am: A muscular hot Latino service guy walking out of a Starbucks and right past me as I crossed the street.***

I was late for a class when this HOT guy crosses my path. Our shoulders touched as we crossed the street; which caused us both to turn to each other.

“Excuse me!” We both say at once to each other. A laugh from both of us immmediately follows. Then, instead of continuing the way he was walking, he turns my way and we finish crossing the street. Good, that saves me from making the first move for once ๐Ÿ˜‰

“Getting a morning coffee?” I say.

“Yeah; it keeps me awake long enough to last till lunch.”

“My class will be over a little before noon; would you like to meet back here and then we can have lunch at my place?” I offer. A WIDE skeptical smile crosses his face.

“Your place huh?”

“Yeah; I feel more comfortable at home than a crowded cafe midday.”

“Hmmm…good point.” I laugh at the way he said it.

“Are you afraid I’m gonna rape you or something?”

“….I don’t think you could rape me. Unless your packing some dildos in your house!”

“Actually, I do have some – but I don’t use them on male company.” I reply with a wink.

“Really?” He says with a suspiously contemplative smile. Just about 10 minutes has gone by – and I haven’t got a clear morning booty call from this hottie so I gotta move on.

“Well I gotta go – I’m almost 20 minutes late for class – so, maybe we’ll bump into each other again here at noon okay?” I say as I dash off and go where I need to be. When I left class, low and behold, the hottie’s curiousity got the best of him; because there he was downstairs waiting on me! I smile wide. Nothing like some great Latino cock ๐Ÿ˜€ We made it back to my place – and from the moment we entered the door, lunch was NOT on the menu.

His smooth skilled tongue was all over my clit as his large hands traveled up my stomach and chest to pinch and play with my nipples. After I came for him, I took as much of his hard 9 inches into my mouth as I could while he eat me out again. Once I tasted his precum I knew he was close and I wanted to stop sucking and start fucking! I hopped off his glorious tongue and placed myself on his cock. He was also ready for some pounding action and immediately took control of my hips – then locked my legs under his. We bounced up and down on my bed like that in fantastic sexual exstasy for a long while; definitely longer than his lunch break allowed. In fact, his boss blowin up his cell phone interrupted our third orgasm.

As he got dressed, I fixed him a sandwich and gave him a bag of chips and lemonade to go. We made plans for later tonight after we both got off work. Besides, I haven’t had female company in AGES; so he and I agreed that my dildos needed some attention ๐Ÿ˜‰

***April 30th 2012; 1pm: A hot white guy with a crew cut, sunglasses, and a bright yellow shirt gets on the bus when I’m 2 stops away from getting off the bus.***

Not only was this guy hot; but he was wearing my favorite color – which cemented the deal for me. I casually sit next to him and put a hand on his lap. He looks sideways at me and chuckles a little, but no other response. So I give some carefully and strategically placed squeezes all over his lap before ringing the bell to get off the bus. I let my body linger closer than needed to him to do this. We lock eyes and I mouth ‘Hi’ before I exit the bus. Well, at least I got some nice feels.

As I walk home I notice he had gotton off the bus at the stop after mine and was walking behind me. So he lives around here? I cross the street, so does he. Oh okay; this game. I reach the door to my building and wait till he catches up. We say nothing as I let him in my building and my house – so I lock up behind us and begin stripping for him. He doesn’t say anything – but its evident in his pants that he’s responding to me. I do a full strip tease for him till I’m completely naked, then I straddle him while we make make out. His kisses were deep and searching. It was nice to have such an intense makeout session with a guy this way. He still had his clothes on, so I just assumed he was shy and undid his pants. He was only 7 inches – but that’s okay. He’s still a cutie I had to have. I fit him in my mouth and pleased him with my tongue till he came for me. As he layed back in orgasmic bliss, I began to play with myself for him. In fact, I got so into it that I forgot he was there and played with myself till I came! Then he surprised me by kissing me deeply once more and placed his fingers in my wet pussy to make me come again! Way to take the initiative shy guy! We ended our pretty silent morning rendezvous after I bounced on his lap for a little while till we both orgasmed once more.

He was a nice shy guy; haven’t met one of those in a while. We walked in silence to the bus stop and he continued on his way – but not before a long sweet kiss goodbye. Yeah, he was really a nice guy.

***May 30th 2012; 10:40am: White female with long brown hair and pretty yellow sundress walking past me.***

So its early in the morning and I’m on the prowl. I see a beautiful white girl wearing my favorite color yellow. I love her legs and the way her feet look in the flip-flops she’s sporting. I wonder how to approach her; its much easier approaching guys for random sex – but you never know what loose cannon you’ll get when you approach a female on that kind of stuff. Plus she’s white too – and alot of white people are just plain not into the swirl action kind of thing.

I decide to slip on a rainbow bracelet; one of the tools I use just for an occasion like this. Hopefully she’ll ask me about it – or simply see it and then either run away or towards me…

“Hi, where’d you get that dress?”

“Oh, just from Dots. Their having a sale right now.”

“Really? I’ll have to see if they carry it in my size!”

“What size are you?” By this time, the cream-skinned beauty had come up on me. I just thought she was engaged in the convo – what normal female doesn’t like talking about clothes?? But she’d touched my bracelet as she was scanning me for my size. Hmmm…I could’ve told her what size I was…

“Like what you see?”

“Oh I’m sorry! I’m all in your personal space! I just saw the bracelet and assumed…” I smiled wide. This curious cutie caught me off guard!

“Assumed what?”


“No! Its fine. I’m glad it doesn’t put you off thats all.” We started walking up the street towards nowhere in particular.

“Oh no. I’m cool with the gays.”

“Cool with the gays? Not the reaction I was hoping for!” This wasn’t happening, so I figured I’d go home and keep busy till work this afternoon.

“What reaction were you hoping for?”

“A bad reaction. That’s what I normally get. Or a really GOOD reaction – which is rare.” She grabbed my hand and tugged me back towards where she was going.

“How about a lukewarm reaction? I like girls – but I have a boyfriend – so I can’t be open with my sexuality. Plus I’ve never been with a black girl, so I don’t know how to pick one up.” I was over the moon. I was going to have some sweet swirl action this morning!!! I’m actually not in the mood for cock – but if her boyfriend is there and doesn’t mind a black girl in his bed…

“That’s sad. I thought all guys were into the ‘2 girls at a time’ thing.”

“Not my guy unfortunately. Plus he’d be shocked to find out that I even like other girls that way.” Oh well. More pussy for me!

“So…where do we go from here?” She blushed. Looks like I’m not the only one dreaming of swirly sex positions.

“Well, I don’t live far…but if my neighbors saw me bringing home someone other than my boyfriend…”

“You wanna come to my place.” This girl. My bed. Equals awesomeness.

“Do you live far?”

“Far enough that we can’t walk the whole way.”

“Oh.” We’d been so carried away that we’d walked quite a ways down the street.

We arrived at my house about 15 minutes later. It was awkward at first; neither one of us knew how to initiate what we both wanted. So I placed my hand on her thigh as we spoke. Then she mirrored my move. I raised my hand higher and landed it on her hip. She copied my move again. Then I took it up a few notches and squeezed one of her tits. That made her blush a deep red and stop talking. There were so many positions I wanted to try with her, but I also didn’t want to freak her out with how much of a hell cat I was. I took my time pleasuring her clit. I wanted to drawout this experience with her – since I suspect that not only was this her first time with a black girl, but her first time with a girl period. Her long legs were spread so wide, and her tits were up in delicious pink points just for my viewing pleasure. I used my hand to thrust in and out of her as she began to cum, and relished in the feel of her pussy walls tightening against my fist.

“Did you enjoy that baby?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Wanna taste me? Once you go black, you’ll never go back!”

We had a good laugh off that line, and soon I was on my back enjoying her tongue.

“How do I know if I’m doing it right?”

“Do to me what you like to be done to you.”

She then put her mouth down on my clit and sucked hard and fierce as she fisted me. I hope her hand felt as good as mine did when I made her cum – because her hand felt like heaven to me as I came.

“Can you make me cum again? That was fun.”

“It wasn’t fun making me cum?”

“Oh yeah! Of course it was! You taste like raspberries.”

“The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice!”

After we laughed again, I grabbed a couple of dildos and we enjoyed some 69 action. I used a clear dildo on her as she sat on my mouth, and she used a purple dildo on me as she seemingly buried her face in my clit. Not too long afterwards, we were rubbing each others clits as we pumped each other with nthe dildos – shouting in ecstasy as orgasms rocked each of our pussies. Just when I thought I couldn’t cum anymore she’d regain her strength and start licking my clit again which made me cum a few moments later. I did the same to her. Eventually I just used my hand in her pussy and my tongue on her clit to keep getting her off. I wanted the scent of her sweet white pussy on both my hands for days on end.

“Can I fuck you baby?”

“Didn’t we just finish doing that?”

“We finished? I was hoping to keep you here in my bed forever!” She laughed.

“Well, we could arrange that. I’d like that.”

“What about your boyfriend?”

“Maybe he doesn’t need to know.”

“I don’t know…I like you. Alot. Maybe I won’t want to share you.”

“Well its not like you’d be sharing me with another girl. I don’t think I’ll ever want another girl – now that I have you!” I wonder if black people can blush – cause I swear I just did.

“Wow, I’m touched.”

“Was I just a one-night stand to you?”

“No. I told you, I like you alot. I’m not sure I’m cool with sharing you. But I am bisexual. Maybe one day your boyfriend would welcome me in you guys’ bed?” She paused.

“Hmm…I know how you feel now…I’m not so sure I want to share you with him.”

“How about we cross that bridge when we get to it? Let’s agree to be secret girlfriends till we want more, ok?”


We ended our morning rendezvous with her bouncing on top of a strap-on I was wearing. I loved the way her tits feel in my palms. The way her pussy juice leaked onto the strap-on and on my crotch every time she came. It was like our cum was mixing together whenever she came. We were both completed EXHAUSTED by the time she left that morning. We texted each other all day and night. The last image I sent her before she turned in for the night was a picture of a white girl bouncing on top of a dildo that a black girl had inside of her. The best part of my morning with her. I captioned it “A tribute to our swirly love. Goodnight sweetheart.”

***May 30th 2012; 12:47pm: Tall statuesque black female with long form-fitting ethnic sundress on and dyed red hair in a ponytail walking into a bank.***

I’m on the bus – on my way home – when I see a GORGEOUS beauty walking into the bank. I immediately get off at the next stop. She may be straight – but I’ll kick myself if I don’t try and approach her and it turned out she was open to me! She was standing in a long line. I wasn’t going to hit on her in the bank, so I went next door to Edible Arrangements and brought some white and milk chocolate covered strawberries. Then I arranged my rainbow bracelet on my arm so she’d see it on her way out.

As luck would have it – she was exiting the bank as I was coming towards her. A little “clumsy” maneuvering on my part and –

“Oh! I’m so sorry!”

“Me too! I didn’t see you! And I made you drop your chocolates! I’ll buy you some more!” I’m secretly grinning at this news.

“Girl, these were $25 – that wouldn’t be right!”

“I just left the bank baby, I got you! Its the LEAST I could do!” Still grinning inside. Time for the kill.

“Well…you could pay me back in trade; if you know what I mean?” I said with my sly/innocent smile. She on the other hand looked confused.

“Give you the $25 instead?” I laughed out loud.

“No, I meant we could do SOMETHING else and that would be fine instead of paying for more chocolates.” I let that sink in for a second and felt a bit triumphant as the realization of what I said made her face flush. Then the confusion was back.

“Did you bump me on purpose just to ask me that?” Uh-oh. Busted. Smart cookie.

“Oh jeez – look at the time! Gotta go!” I said trying to make an escape but she grabbed my hand and led me towards a bright blue car in the bank parking lot. Once we got in she surprised the shit out of me by planting a hard kiss on my mouth.

“You could’ve come up with a better way to get my attention you know!”

After we laughed and kissed for a while, I found myself in her apartment; in her bed; in between her legs. It was nice to fuck someone at their house for once, but for sex toy purposes, I kinda wished to be on my home turf for that – I know where all my toys are! Before she’d taken off her panties for me I knew she was wet. It didn’t take much of my saliva to get her completely drenched down there. I wondered if she’d ever been with a female before; most girls don’t get this wet unless its their first time or something. I wasn’t about to ask her though – I was having too much fun making her cum. She never tasted me (which cemented the conclusion that she’d never been with another female), but she had a big strap-on dildo that she put on and had me ride on it wildly.

We were silent as I rode her all that was heard were erotic grunts, the bed shifting with the bouncing of our weights, and slick sounds of my pussy going up and down on the dildo. We held tight to each others’ breasts, and every time I went down on the dildo I could see her legs opening wider and wider. Just when I thought her legs couldn’t open any wider I came, and she came moments after I did.  We kissed again, and she unhooked the strapon so I could rest on top of her. I wanted to rest, I REALLY did, but my hand had other plans as it traveled to her still glistening pussy and began to mess with her knob. I let my tongue slide up and down her neck as my hand worked its magic against her clit. She came hard against my hand – shouting loud enough to have probably caused a written complaint to be put in her Landlord’s box.

I slipped down to taste the cum I just made come out, and I again got too carried away in the scent and taste and wetness of her pussy. Her back arched with each thrust of my tongue; I didn’t have enough tongues and hands to be everywhere I wanted to be on her body. I wated my tongue in her mouth; but her clit needed me; but I wanted to feel her pussy walls close over my tongue as she came. My fingers kept going back and forth between squeezing her huge breasts and sliding in and out of her tight wet pussy. She was just too sexually beautiful for me. I didn’t deserve this much pleasure!

After she came about three more times, we were dazzed and SPENT. She had rubbed my pussy till I came as well – so I was good. Before we drifted off to sleep, she slowly tilted her head to me and smiled.

“You know I’ve never been with another girl before right?”

“Yeah baby, I know.”

“Can we keep doing this every now and again? I’d hate to stop after knowing I love it so much.”

“Of course. I’d love to see you anytime you need me.” She then leaned over closer and kissed me softly before we drifted to sleep; with our hands in each other’s pussies.

Lovin’ these first five installments? Don’t worry! I’m compiling MANY more, and soon some will be individually published! I also plan to make sure you’ll be able to buy all these short shorts in an anthology  on! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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