My Poetry

Here are sample poems from all my poetry collections. Under these poems you will find out more information about my debut poetry collection; “Love just feels like an invitation for more pain” – and my 2 other poetry collections. Finally, there’s a list of my online and in print published poetry.


Sometimes the sky
looks like a painting;

I wonder if the world

The clouds have minds of their

The earth gives us a

When the clouds move, they
glide like water

Sometimes it seems the sky is
an ocean;

And God can just stick his
finger in the water

It seems to God we are fishes
in His underwater tank of a world

Sometimes the ripples in the
clouds are majestic;

As the sun sets, it cast rays
on the clouds

Giving the sky a heavenly

Sometimes it seems the sky
mirrors Heaven;

You can see all you can see
when you look into the sky

The sky proves God is

The sky is

And when God cries the sky
delivers His tears

Sometimes I wonder if God
planned the sky

Sometimes loves turns into
majestic clouds

Sometimes the sky
proves Heaven and Earth are one

Copyright 2000


Words cannot
express the meaning of this kiss

The whole
world has been unleashed as our lips touch

I have
submitted to your unconditional love

In the back
of my mind I squirm when I realize

That this
piece of heaven may be one sided

that I am has reflected in you

Do not
release me from this kiss

It is all I
have to hold onto

The end of
an era may be drawing near



I’m getting
tired of this confusion

Either you
want me or you don’t

Make up your

These games
are foolish

In the end
more of our lives are wasted

You need to
find out who you are

If you
weren’t sure

shouldn’t have said you were

is relationships’ number one killer

Life is too
short to play the field

One day
you’ll be old and then who will satisfy you?

Find that
one that will die to be next to you –




I`m tired of
these games

I`m sorry
you thought I meant something when I didn`t

Your not
around enough to know what I meant

Just because
every now and then I need a note

To let me
know your thinking of me

Does NOT
make me clingy

It makes me

And don`t
throw a fuss when I call you out

Cause I
don`t deserve that

If you was
really feeling me

You should
have shown me you were

speak louder than words

I want to
start all over again

boundaries of the unknown is nonexistent

Talk to me
and I`ll talk to you

So we can
achieve what I believe we both want

To fill the
void in our souls

Copyright 2004


Why is it that every woman I encounter has a man?
If you have a boyfriend/husband
but you want a girlfriend, BREAK UP!
Nobody has time to deal with that
Being lesbian has nothing to do with hiding behind the balls of a man
The love that we can find together knows no bounds
But why bring
that other drama into what we really want?
Is it THAT hard to leave

The taste of my love and the sight of my breasts and one kiss from my
lips are not worth leaving who you really don`t want in the first
Stop making excuses
I`m just asking a simple question of why
every woman I encounter has a man
Now I`m not one of those females who hate
Men are fine
Men are great
Sometimes men are wonderful!
why is it to get to know you I have to get to know and sleep with your man
Can`t I just get to know you?
Maybe I`ll never know
Maybe I
don`t want to know
The questions are too high and the answers are too
I mean, are you staying because he`s your babys` daddy?
I can
understand that
But why the hell are you looking ME up?
I`d love to know
you and your kids
But your man?
I`m not into him
I`m into you

No, we can`t have a threesome

No, you can`t let him watch

I want you and only you – I`m trying to tell you!

Your man was good while he lasted

But if you want to have me you got to send him on
his way

Didn`t you read my “Duality” poem yet?!?

Yes I`m Bi

But why do I have to be the piece of sex that
enhances your sex life?

Why can`t I be the one that just enhances your

Too much to ask for huh?

I`m not good enough for you?

Alright then.
If there are any single women-loving females out
there, Save ourselves the grief and give me a holla!

Copyright 2006


If computers are responsible for the advancement of civilization, why don’t they work half the time?
If guns are so honorable and patriotic, why are they only used to intimidate and kill?

If a camera takes your picture automatically, why do we need a bigger camera for the picture to come out?

If a refrigerator keeps things cold, why does it need an electric socket?

If you can wash your clothes in a washing machine, why can’t you dry them in there too?

If cable antennas help the picture clear up, why don’t regular antennas do anything?

If an automatic door opens when you come to it, why does it open when no one is near it?

If streetlights completely turn off when broken, why do traffic lights just blink when they break?

Just some foods for thought…

Copyright 2006


If you’re in love with someone, can you send them a signal letting them know how you feel?
Or do you really feel anything when you like someone? Isn’t it just simply that you like them?

How do you know if that someone received your signal?
Suppose the person gave you no signs – or mixed signs for that matter

Is it time to give up the quest? Doesn’t that mean you really didn’t like them enough if they didn’t get your signal?

Copyright 2006


If things could go back the way they were, would the world be the same way?

Can you really fall apart when you were never together?

Would you pass on the one person who could make you happy if they didn’t appear the way you wanted?

Who says you can follow your heart when most of the time your wrong?

Could you catch a wish in your hand and make it come true?

Is life what we make it or is it truly possible to make a life?

How can you say I’m wrong when I’m not entirely sure who is right?

Which time did you learn that the world has two different sides?

Have you considered what is really good and who is really evil?

What could you say to someone who is already dead?

Why is harder going up and way too easy going down?

Whose story has yet to be told?

Copyright 2006


Rough winds has touched me too many times this year

Too often the memories of what I wanted faded into debris

And yet still I search for the true meaning of my personal hapiness

Hoping that someone else shares my plight

I know my faults are many and my attributes are few

But that doesn’t mean I can’t love

Just means its harder for me to

With that in mind, is it my fault?

Again and again I get the opposite of what I ask for

And maybe that’s what I get for being too choosy

I ignored the calls of the winds and tried to take the route of the breeze instead

So this is my punishment

A lifetime alone and full of uncertainty

Constantly dragging myself down with physical imperfections

And no one understanding that to change me is impossible

My conclusion is permanent: I am imperfect; Will you still love me?

Copyright 2006


It’s very hard being a woman

because everything we feel

and everything we fight for

is tied to our emotions

I can’t imagine

being a man

and not just any man

but a man who carries no remorse

Do we need to call them men?

A man should be defined

by the strength of his character

and his loyalty

Is there such a thing as a man now?

too many are jaded from infancy

taught that it’s cool to disrespect

and uncool to honor

I guess we have the freedom

to be looked down upon when we disrespect, huh?

It’s very hard being a woman

and having a woman’s perogative

Copyright 2005


I cannot tell anyone who I love

I cannot stand in a crowd of familiarity

I cannot reveal my deepest desires

I cannot share my dreams

For they lie with women

I; a woman who loves women

I cannot smile without a frown

I cannot laugh without a cry

I cannot flirt without a danger

I cannot see what I want

For they lie with women

I; a woman who loves women

You can laugh

You can flirt

You can be merry

Because you are the majority

I make you uncomfortable

Because I lie with women

Therefore you close to my joy

You silence my screams

You forbid my desires

Because you are the majority

But I; a woman who loves women

I cannot walk in your shadow

without tripping

I cannot gaze into your eyes

without longing

I cannot go beyond the boundaries you set for me

For they lie with women

I; a woman who loves women

Copyright 2005


I withhold a secret that everybody ignores

A secret that would tear a shore

This secret isn’t meant for sharing

Yet the stunt I crave to do is daring

My soul will pay if I go through with it

Yet I want to experience what I may not fit

Heaven or hell – pain or pleasure – which can I choose?

Remember Kimberly you snooze you loose

It’s a choice everyone must make sometime

Whether to stay good – or mingle with a crime

A crime so deadly it can’t be defined

Like a python bite in the spine

It’s clear to your eye that this crime is the biggest of its kind

But maybe the seriousness of it is all in my mind

I must take caution – so I’d better be off

Where will I go? Oh Lord I have betrayed you

If I die I can’t be next to you; if I live I can’t be near you

I don’t want to betray you yet I want happiness

You have promised me this yet I have not received

Is it because of previous crimes?

I should have taken heed

I love you, oh Lord I do, but it’s he I love too

He is so far yet so close – sounds like you

He is taken in the arms of his wife – another

But when I befriend him he lets go and craves me (the other)

I want the same and yet I want your love too

I am caught in a triangle which I’m not familiar

Help me oh Lord,

Do it before I sin and have my body burned in hell

And his body rotting miserably in a jail’s cell

Please accept me oh Lord I’m asking for your help

He and I are victims of Satan’s horrible game

Keep us safe; help us home; keep our hormones tame.

Copyright 2005


She couldn’t tell if she had changed;

Her height didn’t increase

The hair is still the same length

Hasn’t had the time to buy new clothes

Yet still, people insist she’s changed

Somehow a miracle has occurred in their eyes

But in hers, absolutely nothing has transpired

Waking up has not been done differently

Perhaps the Prozac really did a difference

People can’t quite put their finger on it

But that’s the only conclusion she can come to –

It’s the only one that makes sense!

Instead of the heavy emptiness she feels upon waking

She can finally get her day rollingIn place of dreading the future

There’s now time to sit and live in the present

However, she thought she did these things already

But perhaps she had been kidding herself to think so

Maybe the Prozac only helped

In cutting out other people’s thoughts of her

Copyright 2005


Every time I turn around

I feel the bruises left

By her selfishness

She can’t look at me

Without making me feel like I was never welcome in her home

Her words kind of hide

Her true feelings for me

And hide her feelings about our fathers

I often wonder if she had a good childhood

Of if hating me was part of it

Making it hard for both of us to move on

She continues to deny her impact

By acting like my sister

I should have looked up to her

Not regretting that she was taller than me

Copyright 2005


Happiness was all she had on her mind

where all her thoughts, hopes, and dreams were finally in a place she could feel comfortable with them

All her life she struggled;

amidst the screaming and the suffering-next to the bickering nagging-

She finally found that peace the kind of peace only happy people felt

now she could be just like them

But soon the emptiness came back again

she awoke in the morning wanting happiness only to find tears

She spoke to her friends about her dilemma

They laughed and told her, “Happiness is not all it’s cracked up to be! Sometimes what you seek the most is an illusion.”

That advice stayed with her-

reminding her that all her emotional desires were for naught

Copyright 2005


I can’t imagine that everything I do is wrong

maybe I’m a bit careless or perhaps I ‘ve not only lost my self esteem

but also lost the self esteem of my accomplishments

If ever people thought I don’t apply myself they obviously never knew me in the first place

so I’ve struck out in the education department

it’s not everyday you find out maybe you weren’t smart enough

Hiding in the minor achievements of my personal life

can not save me from their jeers anymore it only increases them;

and falsely reminds them that that was all I had to show

One day they will look at me differently

spare me their untruthful pity

to finally respect and value what I’ve been through

and help me arrive where I want to go

Copyright 2005


I’m sorry that my hopes and dreams are not needed

I didn’t mean to imply that my thoughts were of importance

I regret that you felt my values being expressed

I’ll try harder next time to silence my screams

Don’t believe me when I say things that are true

Don’t mean to make you feel like I actually had something to say

Didn’t mean to rain on your parade

Doesn’t hurt me that my life is going down the wrong path

Please forgive my rudeness when I disagreed with your theory

Please don’t forget to tell me what I said was a lie

Pleasure to have known my life should have been like yours

Pleased that you find my values inferior

Yes I promise to always agree with you

No I will never have an opinion of my own

Yes you can count on my unbending surrender

No worrying about what I have to sacrifice to gain your approval

Copyright 2004


In a matter of time all I’ve known will vanish
And what will become of what I wanted us to be?

Your smile woke me up every morning and you kept me laughing throughout
But what will happen when the familiar goes out of business?

I’m torn between declaring my love or learning from the mistakes of my past
Are you caught in this same dilemma? or did you even notice your effect on me?

For right now, in a matter of time, all of what we’ve known will vanish
Perhaps our paths will cross again someday- other than my dreams

Copyright 2004


It was the year of my freedom

When I thought we had surpassed

All the hate and prejudice

That she let shine through

I had a simple request I asked of her:

To take me to the store for Christmas shopping

Everything was going fine

Till she found out the people I was buying for were white

I can’t believe she let this get her upset again

The snow had not fallen on the ground

Even though Christmas was only a week away

I just wanted to have a normal holiday!

She called me out my name

And told me I’m a slave

Then left me sobbing openly –

Watching her march out the doors

As I stood there clutching my Christmas list

All I wanted was to go back to my dorm room

Instead I had to wave down the store security guard

And eventually get back in the car with my mother.

Copyright 2004


As I sleep their wings cover me

When I walk they are near me

As I breathe they are with me

When I speak they can hear me

To know God is to know Angels

For when I see Angels they reflect His image

To know Angels is to know God

For it is He that dispearses them to their work

To be touched by an Angel Is to be healed

To be loved by an Angel Is to be lucky

I hear their calls a mile away

Whether I’m within a crowd or I am by myself

Whether they answer me or not I leave up to them

Copyright 2004


I had a dream of being whole

Where all my fantasies and desires had a way of coming true

He and I created a fictional world for ourselves

Built under the halo of my mind

I just want Him to love me

I want to be seen

There’s too many false promises people give

Too much to know I want more than this

If I could cut Him out in little stars

And hang Him in the heavens

Everyone would worship the simple magnifisense(spelling?)

And pay no more attention to their insignificant plights

Within His being there is male beauty beyond any words can define

His whole essence covering and smothering

Surrounding and devouring each room He enters

Which keeps my heart from committing suicide

I sit night after night and day after day

Waiting and passing other opportunities

Hoping that I have stopped this someone in His tracks

And made Him wish for the simplicity I offer

Maybe I read too much into His glares

I actually believed that somehow I was worth His attention

And foolishly thought perhaps

He believed the same in return

For now I am left forever empty and longing for His love

Copyright 2004


~~~ANNOUCING THE COMPLETION OF THE “Love just feels like an invitation for more pain…The beginning poems of Kim, theBword Poet” Poetry collection!~~~

This debut poetry collection is the poetry I was inspired to write when I was in highschool. This collection is separated into 4 sections; Attraction, Depression, Anger, and Spiritual.
Table of Contents:

Section 1; Attraction

1. Longing

2. Love is Deadly

3. A smile is worth the rush

4. What is Love?

5. The Unspoken Words

6. Fantasies

7. Lust

8. A meaningful gaze

9. Fantasies 2

10. The End

11. Anticipation

12. Kissing

13. Confusion

14. Deceit

15. Frustration

16. Questions…

Section 2; Depression

17. My Life is Like a Death Trap

18. I look so ugly when I cry

19. Confusion and Denial

20. Broken Wing

21. Change is not for the best

22. Untitled 1

23. The arms of depression

24. Untitled 2

25. I’m going back

26. Change is torture

27. Emptiness

28. The effects of recurring depression

29. More than aspirin can cure

30. Over rated?

31. How other people see you

32. Incompetence

Section 3; Anger

33. Life as a metaphor

34. My self image

35. Obedience

36. A woman’s prerogative

37. Clueless

38. Talking back

39. Goodbye

40. Guess what I did…

41. Challenge me

Section 4; Spiritual

42. Untitled 3

43. Religion

44. Untitled 4

45. Untitled 5

46. Untitled 6

47. Angels in the Horizon

48. A Clear Night

49. God is a Woman

50. Rhetorical Questions

You can sample earlier formats and pieces from this collection on my Facebook Fan Page; Notes section and on my Youtube page; under Literary Video Blog 2. Stay tuned for when and where this collection will be published.

~~~The “Random Thoughts – The clinically depressed musings of a poet” Chapbook~~~ is also finished and will be published not long after the debut collection is put out. This Chapbook is a long journal entry of life outside of highschool. It is separated into Depression and Dating.

~~~Currently, the “3; A poetic account of thrice alter egos” Poetry collection~~~ is being completed. This is a bisexual poetry book broken into 3 sections: Lesbian, Bisexual, and Straight.



*On, check out my poems “Questions” , “Her Domain” , and “Lust” Copyrights 2004



*I published 2 poems in “The International Library of Poetry’s A Celebration of Poets Showcase Edition”; 1 in 1998 and 1 in 2003.

*I published a poem in Youngstown State University’s “1999 Penguin Review.”

*I have 7 poems in “Hessler Street Fair’s Poetry Competition booklets”; 2 in 2003, 1 in 2005, 1 in 2006, 1 in 2008, 1 in 2015, and 1 in 2016.

*I have 2 poems in Cleveland State University’s “The Vindicator” 1 in 2003, and 1 in 2016.

*I published a poem in “Bi Women; Boston’s Bi newsletter” in March 2010.

* I published a poem in Cuyahoga Community College’s “BreakWall Literary Journal” in May 2011.

*I have a poem in Lakewood Public Library’s Symbolic poetry collection “Poems and Problems” in April 2013.


One response

  1. I enjoyed your poetry Kim. a few I especially liked, were the “unspoken words”, “angry thoughts” and “a holiday tragedy”.
    hit me up on messenger if you want to exchange poems sometime. I mostly write love poetry and break up poetry, occasionally something else! LOL
    Kat Sylvester

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